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Dignified home care for older people

Older people often require a helping hand to stay in their own home for longer, enabling them to retain dignity and independence in familiar settings. Our dedicated care provision for older people encompasses a range of support services such as help in the morning and at night, preparing and serving meals, support with medication and physio, companionship, housekeeping and running essential errands. We work with our older service users and their families to create a bespoke care package that helps maintain daily routines and keep older people in their own homes for as long as they want, or are able to be there.

Supporting older people at home for longer:

Interested in elderly home care support?

If you or your older relative or friend need some additional support at home, contact us at the Jawa Group to see how we can help you enjoy living in your own home for longer.

Compassionate, discreet support at home

Whether you just need a few hours per week, or would benefit from overnight or daily healthcare support at home, this could be all it takes to help you stay in your own home for longer. Our team of friendly home carers are compassionate and discreet, putting you and your routines first to retain dignity and support independent living in the familiar, beloved surroundings of your own home.

Shara M.
caregiving daughter

Your help and assistance in this challenging period is greatly appreciated. Our entire family extends our thanks for all you have done.

Habib M.

I am more than fully satisfied with the excellent service provided so carefully and so sincerely by each and every care giver.

Barbara S.
Kelowna. BC

I am more than fully satisfied with the excellent service provided so carefully and so sincerely by each and every care giver.

Meyrem E
Daughter of Resident

As a family, we had never even considered placing my mum into a care home, and I can honestly say it was one of the most difficult decisions to make. Due to Covid restrictions, we were not able to visit Mum, but the staff were kind and compassionate and always there to reassure us that Mum was being cared for well. I would initially call daily and was never made to feel this was inconvenient. Prior to being able to visit, we were able to set up Skype calls with Mum, and this allowed us to see her and also witness the care provided. Now we can visit, the care taken to avoid cross-infection is commendable, and seeing first-hand the loving care Mum receives is heart-warming. The carers all work at a high standard, and their passion for their work is clear to see. The staff at Oatlands feel like one big family, and the dementia care they provide is outstanding. Many thanks to the amazing carers and lovely reception team for their continued hard work in these extremely difficult times.

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