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Our COVID-19 Plan

COVID-19 has been unprecedented and challenging. However, since February we have been very proactive in our protective measures. We were fortunate that our social services liaison officers and the CCG worked hand in hand in preparation of strategies for coping during the outbreak. This gave us the opportunity to look at how we would manage risk in our own premises.

Older people are stronger than we think…and so are carers!

Not all heroes wear capes, we need to value carers for the vital role they play in society.

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As part of our plan we looked at the following:

  • We have a contract with a company to supply us with any amount of PPE that we require for a fixed cost, and should they not have sufficient stock, we have measures to allow us to cope.
  • Our risk assessment for infection control is carried out on a more regular basis. We updated our infection control questionnaire with additional emphasis on COVID-19, the additional questions target COVID-19 symptoms such as loss of taste and smell, cough, high temperature and weakness.
  • We ensured our facilities would be able to cope with isolation of Patrons showing symptoms. We keep one floor – our own Nightingale unit – free for isolation care. The unit has nine beds available for barrier nursing in other words to nurse Patrons in isolation.
  • Care Vision – our care management software and technology sister company – has installed COVID-19 trackers and temperature readers in our homes. This allows us to keep families involved and track the temperature of everyone coming to the premises.
  • As we never employ agency staff, we do not have staff crossing between care services.
  • We have accommodation available for members of the team who needed to stay overnight and a driver available to drive them to and from home reducing the chance of them being exposed to COVID-19 carriers. Should they need to isolate, we also have transport facilities to ferry staff from the care home to our safe accommodation.
  • So that staff can avoid going into crowded markets or cafes to buy food, we provide meals for those without. We also provide open eating spaces to encourage social distancing measures.
  • Should any member of the team test positive or present symptoms, we help them isolate in their own home or in specially provided accommodation.
  • We are enforcing a strict equipment sanitisation policy to ensure that all handsets, telephones, computers, and points of frequent contact are sanitised frequently.
  • We have restarted communal activities after being cancelled as all of our Patrons are now vaccinated. We have also reopened our courtyard, Highbury Square, for the use of our Patrons and their visitors.
  • Most important of all, we carry out regular testing for our team and our Patrons.
We review our policies on a daily basis as the pandemic has developed over the course of the year. We pay great attention to the Government issued guidelines, especially where PPE and hospital admissions is concerned. Despite what the headlines have said, access to testing supplies for our care home team headlines has been beyond challenging. We took an active role in decision making when there was talk that GPs were prescribing end-of-life care for clients who had recovered from COVID-19. As the pandemic progressed, we decided not to send our Patrons to hospital for isolation, instead to be isolated in our Nightingale unit. We were very pleased to see the Patrons in our care who successfully battled COVID-19 make strong recoveries. As the pandemic progressed, these were the proactive actions we took to strengthen ourselves:
  • We provided facilities for members of our admin team to work from home where possible.
  • We helped team members isolating at home with their shopping.
  • Our registrar – Gillian – changed our monthly newsletter into a Friday bulletin, informing relatives of all that happened during the week.
  • We promoted Zoom conferencing for all our meetings with our GP, the CCG, and CQC. We are very fortunate to belong to Bromleag Care Practice, which is a modern exemplary practice allowing all our Patrons to be attended to regulary via video call.
  • Every Thursday to boost morale we organised staff lunches. All staff were provided with a well-deserved meal for their lunch, with the meal theme changed each week.

Our Latest Measures:

  • All staff must carry out lateral flow tests twice a week prior to arriving for their shift.
  • Similarly, for people visiting we apply the same procedure of a lateral flow test being carried out prior to their visit, which is to be registered on the government website.
  • In addition to all visitors having to carry out lateral flow tests as mentioned above, they must complete a risk assessment form and submit this to us in advance where possible. This is a requirement from Bromley Council, whilst we appreciate this causes extra work for you as well as our staff, we comply with these requirements for the safety of our Patrons, staff and community. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes however your cooperation is sincerely appreciated as always.
  • We continue to observe the one metre rule and strict hand washing procedures, and wherever possible we prefer visitors to use their own toilets instead of our communal facilities. 
  • We have two safe rooms dedicated for visits which have a glass separation to separate the service user from the visitor. However, this facility is not applied unless there are indications of any risk which may arise by being in close proximity to one another, utilising discretion on this matter.  
  • Visitors are still not allowed in our Patrons’ bedrooms unless there are special circumstances and this is authorised by a manager, again we utilise discretion on this matter.
  • We also look very sympathetically on those who have returned from hospital or are on palliative or end of life care with regards to visitation, permitting more visits than usual at this time. 
  • We have been gearing ourselves up looking forward to a joyous summer. We have planned our summer fete and staff have taken great care in redecorating the front of the Village as well as the courtyard to make everyone feel merry and cheered up after this past year.
  • As management, we always value seeing you all and are looking forward to it as much as you. We cherish talking with you, telling you how nice it is to provide service to your loved ones. 

The situation is constantly changing and though the lockdown is easing we must still continue to be alert. Please get in touch for up-to-date information on COVID-19 and visiting.

Meyrem E (Daughter of Resident)

“As a family, we had never even considered placing my mum into a care home, and I can honestly say it was one of the most difficult decisions to make. Due to Covid restrictions, we were not able to visit Mum, but the staff were kind and compassionate and always there to reassure us that Mum was being cared for well. I would initially call daily and was never made to feel this was inconvenient. Prior to being able to visit, we were able to set up Skype calls with Mum, and this allowed us to see her and also witness the care provided. Now we can visit, the care taken to avoid cross-infection is commendable, and seeing first-hand the loving care Mum receives is heart-warming. The carers all work at a high standard, and their passion for their work is clear to see. The staff at Oatlands feel like one big family, and the dementia care they provide is outstanding. Many thanks to the amazing carers and lovely reception team for their continued hard work in these extremely difficult times.” 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation

Rishi Jawaheer

Managing Director

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