Oatleigh Care Home

Our unique Care Village is home to 3 services. The principle of this state-of-the-art residential home is that it includes care for Patrons and facilities for the wider community. We named the new building Oatleigh in homage to Oatlands and to mark a new era of care.

The home is designed with a London theme. The ground floor hub is called Angel and contains many facilities. We have a lounge with built-in cinema, a coffee bar and a shop. Adjoining the lounge, we have the sensory garden, created with a water feature, sculptures, and musical instrument features.

Bedrooms are located on Covent Garden, Downing Street and Edwardes Square, each with a dedicated team that consider the floor their home away from home. All the floors are designed for living and are filled with historical photographs, and artwork to spark interest. Each floor has its own colour scheme to make them stand apart from each other.

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Oatleigh Care Ltd

  • CQC overall rating
  • 6 December 2017