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If you are looking for an attractive, comfortable and reassuringly professional care home in Norwood, then you have come to the right place. Jawa Group runs three well-appointed residential care homes, each nestled in a stunning care village near Norwood, just south of London. Each home caters for Patrons with different levels of elderly care and social care requirements with advanced digital care system.


Specialised Medical Support and Personalised Care for Elderly

Amongst our specialist care services for elderly people in Norwood, our residential homes can provide short-term and permanent social and personal care. Respite care stays offer regular carers a much-needed break, while their loved one enjoys the many and varied activities and services we have to offer. Convalescence care helps speed up recovery after illness or an operation, while longer-term residential care supports people when they are no longer able to cope in their own homes. We also offer dementia and end-of-life care to support older people and their families living through difficult times.

Jawa Group care homes near Norwood also offer a comprehensive programme of events, activities and day trips, encompassing a range of interests. There are regular visiting entertainers, local groups and services, including dentists, hairdressers, therapists and chiropodists. Meals are home-made and nutritious and snacks and hot drinks are available throughout the day. 

Our residential homes are all wheelchair-friendly and designed to help older and disabled people navigate their way around. Patrons’ bedrooms are comfortable and private and can be decorated according to personal taste. There is access to television and Wi-Fi too, for entertainment, communications and more.


Visitors are welcome to our Norwood care homes and we operate a strict COVID-19 protocol to ensure everyone’s safety. Ongoing social distancing and careful hygiene procedures exist to help prevent viruses and infections and to safeguard people’s health and wellbeing while they are visiting or staying with us.

Facilities in Our Residential Home

24 hour care

Respite Care

Activities Schedule

Landscape Garden

Home cooked meal


Wheelchair access throughout

Snacks and Drinks

Our Care Homes

Our Activities

Every Thursday

Carers appreciation staff lunch / clap for carers

Every Monday

Tea and Morning discussions

Every Fortnightly

Wednesday Afternoon – High Tea

Every Tuesday and Friday’s at 3pm- 4pm

Let’s Talk Mental Health

We Laugh, We Sing, We Care from the Heart.

24/7 service available


Residential care homes provide 24 hour personal care service supporting people of all different conditions and abilities. For example, catering to those who like their independence and ones that need full on support. We are able to accommodate our patients’ needs. 

The Jawa Group is a residential care home providing high quality care homes for older people. We offer many different types of care such as dementia care, palliative care, respite care and many more care options with different types of medical conditions.

Residential homes not only support residents but have a massive impact on their mental health and well being. It helps with loneliness and isolation as they would have other residents living there. They are able to take part in communal activities together. Another aspect is providing regular meals to patients. Not only that but ensures that the menu contains proper nutrition and options to choose from. Whilst also offering a range of activities to keep residents busy and active which extends their quality of life.

Residential care homes provide everyday personal care for patients such as medication, washing, dressing and helping with toileting. If a patient requires or wants eating assistance, our staff are there to give the care support needed. Our residential homes also provide a wide range of social activities with regular health examinations. From musical activities, board games, film and music shows as well as day trips to keep patients entertained during their stay.

At The Jawa Group residential homes will get a safe and clean environment. From keeping our equipment maintained to ensuring no residents receive any type of abuse within our facility. We keep the facility clean with constant cleaning to help maintain safety and prevent risks of infection. In addition, the medical team speaks to our staff to advice the right action to take in terms of food safety. 

At our residential home care we take a lot of precautions to keep our patients safe, you can expect us to provide exceptional care and take safety measures for our residents.

Dementia is a condition in which the person’s progression will continue to deteriorate. Living with dementia patients means more care and support from the individual. That’s why it’s better if a dementia patient moves into a care home. In there they will receive 24-hour care receiving a secure adapted living space. 

At The Jawa Group we specialize in dementia care, providing round the clock carers from our team of specialists. As well as providing support to families to ensure their loved ones are being taken care of.

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