Our COVID-19 Plan

COVID-19 has been unprecedented and challenging. However, since February we have been very proactive in our protective measures. We started our lockdown in February and informed all our visitors, next of kin, professional agencies and local authorities that we would be restricting visits.

We were fortunate that our social services liaison officers and the CCG worked hand in hand in preparation of strategies for coping during the outbreak. This gave us the opportunity to look at how we would manage risk in our own premises.

Older people are stronger than we think…and so are carers!

Not all heroes wear capes, we need to value carers for the vital role they play in society.

As part of our plan we look at the following:

We review our policies on a daily basis as the pandemic has developed over the course of the year. We pay great attention to the Government issued guidelines, especially where PPE and hospital admissions is concerned. Despite what the headlines have said, access to testing supplies for our care home team headlines has been beyond challenging.

We took an active role in decision making when there was talk that GPs were prescribing end-of-life care for clients who had recovered from COVID-19. As the pandemic progressed, we decided not to send our Patrons to hospital for isolation, instead to be isolated in our Nightingale unit.

We were very pleased to see the patrons in our care who successfully battled COVID-19 make strong recovery.

As the pandemic progressed, these were the proactive actions we took to strengthen ourselves:

The situation is constantly changing and though the lockdown is easing we must still continue to be alert. Please get in touch for up-to-date information on COVID-19 and visiting.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation

Rishi Jawaheer

Managing Director