Our Founders

Meet Roy and Sherine Jawaheer, the founder of the Jawa Group. Beginning their careers in nursing, they opened the doors to their first dementia specialist care service – Homelands - over 30 years ago. Roy, Sherine and their two children once lived in a single room at the top of Homelands and it was this that cultured our family-centric ethos.

Since then, their dedication and vision to providing tailored and dedicated specialist care to our Patrons has seen the Jawa Group grow to encompass the group’s current 3 care homes – Oatlands, Oatleigh and Homelands.

Rishi Jawaheer

Roy and Shrine’s son Rishi has been the director of the Jawa Group for over 12 years. Inspired by his parent’s ambitions and vision for the world of care, Rishi has taken the group to new strengths.

Rishi - like his parents - believes in the constant innovation of care for the elderly. Brining inspiring changes to Jawa Group care homes and across the wider care industry.

He’s a popular public speaker, sharing his knowledge and innovative care practices at events and seminars. The Jawa Group was the first in the UK to adopt the Namaste Care Programme, a specialist programme to support those with advanced dementia. Rishi has since become a director of Namaste international and has worked tirelessly to promote Namaste across the UK, USA and rest of the world.

Rishi spent time with world-renowned professor Michael Verde and 8 other leading figures in the world of care at the Buddhist & Tibetan retreat in Indiana, USA. This experience highlighted the importance of inclusion and the power of listening

Care Vision

Care Vision is our care management software system designed to seamlessly integrate all the admin functions of a care home. It is the first care software programme designed by care home managers.

It started when Rishi felt there wasn’t a programme available on the market that truly met the needs of our care homes. In 2018 he greenlighted the decision to build Care Vision. In the last 3 years Care Vision has been successfully rolled out to over 100 other care homes, both UK and international.

The Jawa Group opened the doors to their own family home, sharing their lives with its first 12 residents. It was the first dementia specialist care home in Bromley.


Homelands Care Home
The Jawa Group acquired their current site, taking over Oatlands care home from its original owners. This home had a rich history, first opening in 1947 to support locals made homeless in WWII. The Jawa Group marched on, keen to continue this close association with the community.


Oatlands Care Home
The Jawa Group took on the ambitious project to demolish the existing site of Oatlands care home and replace it with a modern, bright and spacious, new multi-story care village. Homelands was moved to the site alongside a born-again Oatlands and the brand-new Oatleigh care home.


Oatleigh & the Care Village Care Home
The Jawa Group was the first in the UK to adopt the Namaste Care Programme, a specialist programme to support those with advanced dementia. We rose up the ranks of the organisation quickly and in 2016 helped to launch Namaste Care International to provide it across the world.


Originally developed just for our care village, Care Vision generated a lot of spark with the care home community and was released onto the market 2020. Care Vision is now in many homes across the country and the world.


Care Vision RELEASED